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Virtue Based Classroom Management From Education in Virtue

Virtue Based Classroom Management


As we have given workshops at different schools around the country, the best moment usually comes about three-quarters of the way through the day. It is that electric moment when the teachers get to brainstorm together how their school will implement Education in Virtue – what EIV will “look like” and “sound like” in their school. It is exciting! And great ideas come during those sessions.

Often the discussions revolve around classroom management, school culture, discipline strategies, posters, bulletin boards… This series takes some of the best of those tried-and-true ideas and offers them to you. Here you’ll find ideas, strategies, free downloads and worksheets all aimed at helping you create a culture of virtue in your classroom. By following Christ in a life of virtue, you and your students will come to experience the joy of the children of God. 


VBCM SeriesVirtue Based Classroom Management Series from Education in Virtue

  1. Classroom Expectations – Using the Language of Virtue (includes free download!) 
  2. Create A Virtue Center – An Interactive Space for Teaching and Reflection (includes free download!) 
  3. Christian Witness Certificates – Encouraging Young Disciples (includes free download!)
  4. Virtue To Be Cultivated Notes – Changing the Tone of Discipline (includes free download!)
  5. Virtue Stairs – A Classroom Management System Based on the Virtues 
  6. Virtue Challenge – A Friendly Competition (includes free download!)
  7. Tally Charts – Tracking Virtuous Growth 
  8. Caught Practicing Virtue – Helping Student See Virtue In Their Peers (includes free download!) 
  9. Who Am I? – Name That Saint (includes free download!) 
  10. Growing in Virtue – Tracking Growth in Virtue in the Classroom (includes free download)